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Repost 8/26/12

I wrote this poem 3 years ago…It’s about a Separation from Bad to Good to a Place of FREEDOM:

I’m breaking into a fortress of the unknown

And welcoming the new discovery of me

Been torn, battered and bruised

Tormented and accused

I didn’t do it, but it did me

Not understanding my endurance for deception

Left me nakedly insecure

Stored and unadorned was the simplicity of what man thought I was

Sculptured and twisted

Once listed in the book of uncertainty

Oblivious to the fact that I was created for good

Name written in the book of life

Now standing misunderstood

Bold in the face of my enemies

Focused in the endeavors of my journey

Walking in restoration after being broken

Breaking the formation of incompleteness


A clean heart

Complete with the spirit that lives in me

 By, Yolanda Ketchum




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ImageRepost from 7/9/12

Life was moving so fast and it had appeared as if I had lost mine…So to speak.  I wasn’t at the point of producing what I thought I should be producing, I didn’t feel like I was looking the part, meaning I wasn’t looking my best and to say the least my money woes…Oh God!!!  In the midst of feeling sorry for myself, I stood up, looked in the mirror and said, “STOP!!  This is not my path…I am better than this.”  Time stood still as I began to Pray, Listen, Believe, Speak and Do exactly as I have been taught to do.  I had a CHANGE of Heart, A New Attitude and A Renewed Mind.

I feel the tears now as I write this…I allowed situations of negativity to invade my space, my mind, my life, my family…MY EXISTENCE!!!!  I can only look inside myself and ask God to search me, so that my next steps is of HIM ONLY!!!  I went from making over $40,000 a year (might not seem much to some, but to me I was on my way to much…I thought!) to almost NOTHING!!!!  Okay, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but ‘YES, absolutely NOTHING’.  If it wasn’t for God, His loving favor and my parents…I would have been homeless…But needless to say, I’m blessed and I have been kept well by my Heavenly Father.  No one knows this feeling unless you’ve been here.  In the midst of all of this my lovely daughter Jasmyne was diagnosed with a mental illness…18 years old…I DID NOT EXPECT THIS!!!!  All I can say, if it wasn’t for GOD where would I be.  I Thank God for creating in me strength untold and a will to STAND!!  

During a time of prayer and listening, God spoke to me, “LOSING TO WIN”…He said, “Let it go…You have to lose some things in order to WIN.  Lose your negative attitude, get rid of negative people, lose those bad habits and lose yourself!”  Okay, LOSE MYSELF…He said, “YES, Lose YOURSELF…Your old self…I created you to PROSPER, to CREATE, to LIVE with an ABUNDANCE of JOY and LOVE…”  All I could do was cry and I mean CRY like someone had died!!!!  Well in actuality someone did die…ME! My old self!  I had come to the here and now of the existence and knew that  I AM What I BELIEVE, I AM What I SPEAK, I AM What I DO and from that day til eternity A NEW ATTITUDE has been given to me as well as A RENEWED MINDSET!!!  Although I AM constantly revolving, changing I NOW know Who I AM and Whom I Belong To…

I encourage you as I have been encouraged to take this JOURNEY To Life’s PURPOSE for YOURSELF, but TOGETHER We will be an encouragement toward one another. 

We are constantly growing…GROW into your CHAMPION Self!!! 

LOVE YOU and SHOW LOVE to Others…. 

LOSING TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love You My Friends, 

Yolanda Ketchum


Hello World!


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Welcome to LOSING TO WIN, A Journey To Life’s Purpose!  You are not here by mistake, because YOUR TIME is NOW!!!  It’s time to PROSPER yourself to become Rich in Health, Rich in Mind and Rich in Body and therefore Rich in Spirit which leads you into CHANGE and a better YOU to become rich or richer in your PURPOSE.  

When one speaks of LOSING, the first thing someone thinks of is being DEFEATED.  And if you should WIN, you would say you CONQUERED, you WON or you GAINED something…Well “LOSING TO WIN” is the conquering of self by defeating excess body weight, dead weight, the weight of procrastination, the weight of lack and more and gaining the assurance to LIVE A LIFE OF FULFILLMENT, LOVE and JOY!!

ARE YOU READY TO LOSE, SO THAT YOU CAN WIN?  I AM…So let’s get it started, because this is our New Beginning together… LOSING TO WIN…Where ENCOURAGEMENT is Number One!


Yolanda Ketchum