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Waterfall Like a DoveThe tenacity of my heart yearns to do more, exert more, win more.  I am that…A yearning spirit exhibiting the love of God towards mankind.

I believe the good in you will create a beautiful thing.  Your endurance to be creative with all that you have will penetrate the heart of the masses.  Your smile will bring joy to the life of those who were thinking about giving up.  Your touch through giving back and reaching out to those less fortunate than you is giving them pure hope and purpose.  The dignity of your existence exudes the life giving forces that has been given to you: STRENGTH, POWER and LOVE!  You have CHANGED and your decision to CHANGE has INSPIRED another to LIVE,  to LOVE, to CREATE, to HOPE, to RECEIVE, to REJOICE and To GIVE THANKS!!!

This is what our LIVES are supposed to look like.  Keep it coming…You’re looking good in your NEWNESS!!!