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It was an Invigorating Day of moving forward.  I felt vigor and strength running through my veins at the end of the day.  What a feeling.

I woke up on this very cold Sunday morning, saying “I’m not going to church!”  I had already made up my mind the night before and of course those were my plans, but I couldn’t rest.  NO, NOT AT ALL!  As I rolled back over into my covers to keep warm and to go back to sleep…I couldn’t!  A persistent voice kept speaking to me…”What about those things you said you were taking to church today; Your word is important…You should do what you said you were going to do…Did you ever think there may be something there for you?”  Okay, Okay!  Usually when I decide not to go to church and take time off to be at home…Which is almost never. But, when I do…It’s because I’m supposed to…I’m cool and never agitated.  Moving forward, I got up and preceded to get dressed at 8:00 a.m.  Why was my electricity not working…High winds in the night…So I had to go outside, climb a  ladder to see what the problem was…Yeah, that’s me! I do what I have to do.  Well there was a electrical short in the light which caused the lights to go out…I changed some things…POW! Lights back on!!! Haha!!! All this in a robe, scarf and slippers.

Next! Thinking, I was already going to be a little late, because I’m not driving at this very moment and I had to stop by the store to pick up something.  Now, I had to change my choice of clothing, because it was really cold outside.  As I preceded to get ready; shower, hair, ironing clothes, changing purses and all that a woman does to get ready…I stepped out the house at 9 something; Church starting at 10 a.m…I planned my time and knew I would be there by 11:30a…NOT!  That’s where the agitation began as I wanted to turn around and GO BACK HOME!

Again, I’m not driving and the bus I was on the driver was driving SUPER SLOW! OMG!!!  So, I’m losing patience knowing that I have missed my connection…So my immediate thoughts were…I will not get there until almost 1 p.m.! Why am I going?  Well, there goes the voice again…”Keep going.”  So, I did…as this bus driver continued driving very slowly.  Well, my stop was coming up before transferring to the train; Although agitated, I kindly told the driver that we were very late and that he was driving very slow and he didn’t get it.  He gave me excuses about wheelchairs and multiple stops; That wasn’t my complaint at all.  I could go on and on.

I finally made it to my destination…Church, which that services was ending.  But God spoke to me..The Voice…Yes, it was Him.  He said, “You pushed through, you followed my direction; You heard My Voice”.  So the next Service started an hour later and the Pastor says, “Everyone hears who is the truth…” I just stared straight ahead…and took in those very words again…”Everyone hears who is the truth…” At that very moment a GREAT PEACE came over me.  The Truth was the Voice and that Voice dwells in me; also in that TRUTH was my obedience to the movement of that Voice.   This was a sign, a witness for me to know that God is speaking, that God is always near, that God doesn’t move when I want Him to, but at His time; that God slows the process of things for a greater cause, even to the point of unseen dangers; God showed me patience which is a virtue and that time was out of the equation of what I was supposed to do; God showed me endurance in an agitated state that I allowed myself to be in; God showed me persistence; Keep going…It may seem slow, but the outcome is great…It’s for a purpose.

Well, if writing this was just for me…I AM GLAD!  I recognized and gave attention to the Voice that speaks in and to me.  THAT WAS MY SUPER SUNDAY!!

Stay the course even in agitation.  Know the calling; know the Voice.