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Welcome to LOSING TO WIN, A Journey To Life’s Purpose!  You are not here by mistake, because YOUR TIME is NOW!!!  It’s time to PROSPER yourself to become Rich in Health, Rich in Mind and Rich in Body and therefore Rich in Spirit which leads you into CHANGE and a better YOU to become rich or richer in your PURPOSE.  

When one speaks of LOSING, the first thing someone thinks of is being DEFEATED.  And if you should WIN, you would say you CONQUERED, you WON or you GAINED something…Well “LOSING TO WIN” is the conquering of self by defeating excess body weight, dead weight, the weight of procrastination, the weight of lack and more and gaining the assurance to LIVE A LIFE OF FULFILLMENT, LOVE and JOY!!

ARE YOU READY TO LOSE, SO THAT YOU CAN WIN?  I AM…So let’s get it started, because this is our New Beginning together… LOSING TO WIN…Where ENCOURAGEMENT is Number One!


Yolanda Ketchum