The Tenacity of My Heart


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Waterfall Like a DoveThe tenacity of my heart yearns to do more, exert more, win more.  I am that…A yearning spirit exhibiting the love of God towards mankind.

I believe the good in you will create a beautiful thing.  Your endurance to be creative with all that you have will penetrate the heart of the masses.  Your smile will bring joy to the life of those who were thinking about giving up.  Your touch through giving back and reaching out to those less fortunate than you is giving them pure hope and purpose.  The dignity of your existence exudes the life giving forces that has been given to you: STRENGTH, POWER and LOVE!  You have CHANGED and your decision to CHANGE has INSPIRED another to LIVE,  to LOVE, to CREATE, to HOPE, to RECEIVE, to REJOICE and To GIVE THANKS!!!

This is what our LIVES are supposed to look like.  Keep it coming…You’re looking good in your NEWNESS!!!



It’s 2013…Make Your Purpose Count

I know we are well into the New Year, but HAPPY NEW YEAR, It’s 2013!!!  I’m so excited and in anticipation of what is about to come in my life and yours. We are continuing in our change, we are moving forward in exemplary, we are forging the path, we are receiving the results of our dedication and WE ARE WINNING!

This year is bringing manifested things; and to have these things come into fruition we must TAKE ACTION! With that being said, Let’s make the decision to communicate more! It’s IMPORTANT! Sharing is caring…Caring is to Encourage…To Encourage is to give hope…To Hope is to say, “I BELIEVE”…To Believe is to Speak and to Speak is to forge forward with ACTION!!!

The release has taken place, now let the CHAMPION in you receive all Manifested Goodness in 2013! It’s on! Are You Ready?  What ACTION are you taking today to start your NEW LIFE???  Let’s GO!!!


BECOMING: The Time is NOW!


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sylviagarnerIMG-20121205-00106Becoming: 1. any process of change 2. (Philosophy) (in the philosophy of Aristotle) any change from the lower level of potentiality to the higher level of actuality.

Are you ‘BECOMING’? Have you made the decision to change, to be better, to become more excellent? What are you ‘BECOMING’?
  Tis the Season to BECOMING fa la la la la la la la la…It’s the reason to be Jolly fa la la la la la la la la…Dress your best, feel your best, because when you feel better you look better…fa la la fa la la la la la la…
With that being sung and with life being lived, THIS IS An AMAZING PROSPEROUS DAY!!! Why? Because you are here to read this. So, ask yourself, Have you declared prosperity in your life today? Are you moving in your prosperity? Yes, just like that!
If not, NOW is the TIME to do so. You make your way prosperous by change, by being diligent, by declaring what God has called you, by believing and acting on it! You Got This! We Got This!
Losing To Win, A Journey To Life’s Purpose would like to recognize Sylvia Garner (above in the green outfit). This lady has made tremendous change in her physical, mental and outer attributes and We LOVE IT!!! She is inspiring others to make a difference and doing so by showing/sharing her style each day which she posts on facebook as “Fashionista 101 Baby”. This outward encouragement will definitely change the inner you.
We believe: Look Better, Feel Better; Feel Better and you will definitely want to LOOK BETTER! So, we decided to join her and you should too by sharing your FASHIONISTA 101 BABY: BECOMING pictures!!!
Let’s start losing the old way of thinking, dressing and being as you move forward in BECOMING A Better NEWER YOU!!!
Don’t forget to look your best by feeling your best…You are a CHAMPION in all that you do! You look awesome and you know it!! Haha! Yes I said it, “AND YOU KNOW IT!” It’s okay to know it; It’s your confidence speaking…
Now visit our FB page at and post your Fashionista 101 BECOMING pictures or for the man post your pics of fashion for the day!!!
Don’t forget to tell us about your PROSPERITY Plans for the Day and/or what inspired your outfit!!!
**That’s Me in the pink turtleneck!

Super Sunday


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It was an Invigorating Day of moving forward.  I felt vigor and strength running through my veins at the end of the day.  What a feeling.

I woke up on this very cold Sunday morning, saying “I’m not going to church!”  I had already made up my mind the night before and of course those were my plans, but I couldn’t rest.  NO, NOT AT ALL!  As I rolled back over into my covers to keep warm and to go back to sleep…I couldn’t!  A persistent voice kept speaking to me…”What about those things you said you were taking to church today; Your word is important…You should do what you said you were going to do…Did you ever think there may be something there for you?”  Okay, Okay!  Usually when I decide not to go to church and take time off to be at home…Which is almost never. But, when I do…It’s because I’m supposed to…I’m cool and never agitated.  Moving forward, I got up and preceded to get dressed at 8:00 a.m.  Why was my electricity not working…High winds in the night…So I had to go outside, climb a  ladder to see what the problem was…Yeah, that’s me! I do what I have to do.  Well there was a electrical short in the light which caused the lights to go out…I changed some things…POW! Lights back on!!! Haha!!! All this in a robe, scarf and slippers.

Next! Thinking, I was already going to be a little late, because I’m not driving at this very moment and I had to stop by the store to pick up something.  Now, I had to change my choice of clothing, because it was really cold outside.  As I preceded to get ready; shower, hair, ironing clothes, changing purses and all that a woman does to get ready…I stepped out the house at 9 something; Church starting at 10 a.m…I planned my time and knew I would be there by 11:30a…NOT!  That’s where the agitation began as I wanted to turn around and GO BACK HOME!

Again, I’m not driving and the bus I was on the driver was driving SUPER SLOW! OMG!!!  So, I’m losing patience knowing that I have missed my connection…So my immediate thoughts were…I will not get there until almost 1 p.m.! Why am I going?  Well, there goes the voice again…”Keep going.”  So, I did…as this bus driver continued driving very slowly.  Well, my stop was coming up before transferring to the train; Although agitated, I kindly told the driver that we were very late and that he was driving very slow and he didn’t get it.  He gave me excuses about wheelchairs and multiple stops; That wasn’t my complaint at all.  I could go on and on.

I finally made it to my destination…Church, which that services was ending.  But God spoke to me..The Voice…Yes, it was Him.  He said, “You pushed through, you followed my direction; You heard My Voice”.  So the next Service started an hour later and the Pastor says, “Everyone hears who is the truth…” I just stared straight ahead…and took in those very words again…”Everyone hears who is the truth…” At that very moment a GREAT PEACE came over me.  The Truth was the Voice and that Voice dwells in me; also in that TRUTH was my obedience to the movement of that Voice.   This was a sign, a witness for me to know that God is speaking, that God is always near, that God doesn’t move when I want Him to, but at His time; that God slows the process of things for a greater cause, even to the point of unseen dangers; God showed me patience which is a virtue and that time was out of the equation of what I was supposed to do; God showed me endurance in an agitated state that I allowed myself to be in; God showed me persistence; Keep going…It may seem slow, but the outcome is great…It’s for a purpose.

Well, if writing this was just for me…I AM GLAD!  I recognized and gave attention to the Voice that speaks in and to me.  THAT WAS MY SUPER SUNDAY!!

Stay the course even in agitation.  Know the calling; know the Voice.



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BELIEVE: to accept something as true, genuine, or real; to have a firm conviction as to the goodness, efficacy, or ability of something

I BELIEVE in the unseen; I BELIEVE in what the eyes can’t see and what the ears can’t hear; I BELIEVE…

I close my eyes and see what’s promised to me; I close my eyes and see my destiny; I close my eyes…

My eyes are open wide and I can see…Not what’s in front of me, but what’s been shown to me; Something inside you see; Something that speaks to me…

I BELIEVE in the Spirit of LOVE; I BELIEVE I was created from the ONE Above; I BELIEVE in Miracles; I BELIEVE that HE reveals everything to me…



Being the Center of Attention


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Not long ago I made everyone else the center of attention and denied myself of being NUMERO UNO aka NUMBER ONE, but that day has ended!  I AM “Being the Center of Attention”…I AM putting myself ahead of the line…I AM LOVING ME like I’ve never done before.

My friends call me loyal. You may be saying, “What does this has to do with loving yourself?”…Read on, you’ll see.  They know I’m honest in what I say and sincere in what I do. It was a time when I could not say “NO!”  Of course, that time no longer exist. It used to be very hard for me to deny a friend help if I thought they needed it and they did, but when they began to expect it and disrespect me, I had to rethink some things before I reacted in a not-so-good way.  Then my  beautiful children whom I love and they know I love them, but they think I should do the things I did when they were young.  ‘No not at all, mommy has changed and so have you with your adult selves.’  Hahaha!  Love them dearly, but management of my time, my health and loving me has to play a significant part in “Being the Center of Attention”.

While I thought I was loving myself, I was on to the next level of things and some people thought I was being somewhat unapproachable, so I’ve been told; but I didn’t feel this way.  They told me, “You sit there with your arms crossed and you seldom share a smile. Well almost never smile.”  Who me? A person who loves to laugh and have a good time.  This couldn’t be true or could it be?  I’ve also have been told that I am BOLD in my stance and don’t give way to allowing someone to come in.  Ummmm… Okay…. But, when you get to know me, most see something different; something friendly and something good.  With all this being said, I took time out to think about some of these things.  I can admit, I’m not one to force myself on anyone, but I am completely approachable and welcome it.  During those times of crossing my arms I was definitely comfortable, but I do realize, this is a position that one may think I didn’t want to be bothered…Okay! NOT TRUE!  And smiling, that’s true…I didn’t smile much.  Why?  I didn’t like my teeth; plain and simple as that!  A friend checked me though and said, “You should smile more.  You can smile without showing your teeth and you can also smile using your eyes.”  Another point taken.  Haha!  But being BOLD is a great asset of mine.  It’s just learning when to use it!  I got that too!

In the spectrum of opinions and insight, I found some to be true.  I didn’t care about the attention, what people thought or about being approached so, the habit of crossing my arms was just that…crossing my arms; nothing more nothing less, but now I am aware of what it possibly looked like.  So I’ve changed that.  I also smile more, because I’ve learned to LOVE me more.   As I have lost weight and I am still in the process of losing weight, I am feeling really good about me; I’m looking better in my clothes and I’m putting me first, while still being the loyal friend that I am…But now, I Am “Being the Center of Attention”.   Although I was always that one that would make sure my friends were looking good; Of course I was looking good too, but they were important to me and I would go out of my way for them or do without to give to them…Not realizing I was somewhat neglecting myself.  The light finally came on and stayed on!  Through prayer came REVELATION and that has enlightened me to become a BETTER ME, while continuing to be WHO I AM…A FRIEND as I Am “BEING THE CENTER OF ATTENTION”!  

“He that falls in love with himself will have no rivals.” Benjamin Franklin

“We need to find the courage to say ‘NO’ to the things and people that are not serving us if we want to rediscover ourselves and live our lives with authenticity.”
Dr. Barbara DeAngelis

“I’m not the greatest; I’m the double greatest. Not only do I knock ’em out, I pick the round.”  – Muhammad Ali

Writing Through November


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Hello My Friends,

This is the first day of November NaBloPoMo Post…Writing Through November an everyday blog fest.  This is definitely a test, but I’m moving forward with it.  This task is encouraging me to focus and write; basically making me set time aside to do what I love to do write!  I hope there will be no writer’s block.  I’ll be rolling along these pages and coming up with ideas of creativity.  I’m staying positive as I move forward.

Yaaaayyyy Me!  Yaaaayyyyy You!!!!  Let’s Do This!!!!

See you daily…Follow and comment!!!!




POETRY EMOTION: Words from the Soul


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Listen to internet radio with Touch My Closet on Blog Talk Radio

What you have listened to or what you are about to listen to is the Touch My Closet Blog Talk Radio Show where I was a Guest Co-Host.  This show “Words from the Soul” was to introduce Artists and their POETRY, but what we didn’t know that it would turn into PURPOSEFUL Platform of Acknowledgement, Revelation and Healing.

The POETRY came with EMOTION and lead us into WORDS FROM THE SOUL!!!



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Feeling unwanted, obscured and insignificant? Doubting yourself, because so called friends and even some family members are telling you you can’t do it?  STOP NOW!!!!

You are significant, because you live.  There is LIFE in YOU and people that count on you! Yes, BELIEVE IT!  Your PURPOSE awaits your arrival.  Take your POSITION, SMILE, be filled with JOY and SHINE!!!

We want YOU, because YOU MATTER!

You are DIFFERENT and We LOVE IT!  You are UNIQUE in your own way!  LET GO of Obscurity!!  Your LIGHT shines through the darkness of every situation or circumstance.

You are STRONG! You are NOT a failure!!!  Mistakes have only made you WISER!  LOVE on YOU!!! You Got This!   It’s time to LET GO of ALL Negative people and things…If they don’t BELIEVE in you, if they don’t ENCOURAGE You…LET THEM GO!!!  NO MORE NEGATIVITY!!!  BELIEVE in YOU, because WE DO!!!  You are VICTORIOUS!!! You are a WINNER!!!